Recent Writing

Recent and Forthcoming Publications Online:

Forthcoming 2023 in CAROUSEL

Forthcoming 2023 in Poetry Online

Forthcoming 2023 in Lost Pilot Lit

Forthcoming 2023 in Poetry is Currency

Forthcoming 2023 in The Dallas Review

Not Enough Home, Not Enough Land in Pensive Global Journal

Organic Wasp Repellent and Of Benefit to the Ecosystem in Product Magazine

Our Hunger and Where the Bees are Going in Cloaca Magazine

Gibbous and Expected Delays in Doubleback Review

Hot Nap and At the Quarry in Periodicities

Two for One BBQ Special in Obliterat

Complications Expanding Toward One in Red Ogre Review


Some More Writing Online:

Much Less Will and Easy to Forget in 10th Ward Lit

Polarity, Popularity and Possibilities for Flight in Sixth Finch

Forms of Erosion, #4 in Dust Poetry Magazine

Two Poems in Heavy Feather Review

A Poem in Cold Mountain Review

A Poem in Pank

A Poem in Rattle

Another Poem in Rattle

Poetry in SurVision Magazine

Micro Prose in New South

Poem in We Are Grimoire

Flash in Okay Donkey Magazine

Five Poems in E*Ratio

Five Poems in Five:2:One

Three Poems in Bad Pony

Four Nano-fictions in Reservoir

Four Poems in ZiN Daily

“Infrastructure” in Yes Poetry

“Fair Passage” and “Flotsam” in 2RiverView

“Small Comfort” in Apocrypha and Abstractions

“Baseball Cards, Candy, and the Value of a Dollar” in The Billfold

“Staying on Track” in Cleaver

“Silent Catalog” in decomP


“Permissible Natures” Diagram

“Flutters” and “Midnight of the Caramel Eaters” in Ditch

“Prolegomena to Any Future Five-Paragraph Essay” in Essay Daily

“Where the Bees Are Going” in Flyway

“Night Hungers” in Kill Author

“Proper Burial”, “Clean Machines”, and “Wheat Head” in The Learned Pig

“Glass Boat”, “Untitled”, “Revolution”, and “Facts About Marsupials” in PANK Online

“Mirror Day”, “Ride to the Top”, and “The Sweetness”, in Paper Darts

“Brick Harvest” in The Prose Poem Project

“Hybrid Vigor” in Rogue Agent Journal


580Split, Always Crashing, Artifice Magazine, BOAAT, The Bombay Gin, The Cincinnati Review, Knock, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Mid-American Review, Nashville Review, PANK (print), The Santa Clara Review, The Laurel Review, Passages North, Punchnel’s, and probably a handful of others he’s forgotten, or that no longer exist.