Old Habits, New Markets

Elsewhere Magazine’s Chapbook Contest Winner!

Judge Zachary Schomburg on the collection:

A good poem is made of information, a little box of data, the raw beautiful straight hard truth, so that when I’m looking at an empty landscape with a big rock in it, I know where to go, I know where to die into. Everything always is in its place, and everything is true there . . . we’re left with just a few pages blowing around by our feet, which is just enough, to puzzle together an idea of some other future.

6 in. x 4 in., page count TBD. Cover art and twelve interior illustrations by Ainsley Romero.

Old Habits, New Markets by Ori Fienberg contains apples for vampiric composition instructors, a super nova, facts about goldfish, pre-existing conditions, infrastructure for the construction of a national sonnet, a minotaur seeking a real estate agent, mechanical bulls, the world’s smallest lion, wheat pennies, over 1000 feet of hair, and much more!

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